Charity Dance – your Music & DJ’s

Charity Dance – your Music & DJ’s

In the Main Hall we have core Modern Jive music playing all evening. Your DJ’s will be Ian Partington, John Holder, Sue Diamond, Alex Cumbers, and a set with the popular Dene Nevard. These are your local familiar faces so they know what you like and are excited to play for you.

The Richmond Room offers a more Varied Mix. Your DJ’s in this room will be the fabulously skilled duo Dene Nevard and Greg Davidson, with a set by Alex Cumbers too. The genre timings will be along the lines of…

8pm – 9pm, Alternative Mix (Latin, Swing etc)

9pm – 11.15pm – Express Yourself (Smooth Jive, R’N’B, West Coast, Blues)

11.15-11.45pm – Ultra Chill Out (Blues, Tango Crossover)

Please note timings in the Richmond Room are approximate and there may be some crossover.

We hope you enjoy the selection we are offering and have a great night whichever room you dance in!

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