Paul Witheyman, Owner, JustJive Bognor Regis

I First met Stacey when she came into the Assembly Rooms Worthing wanting to learn Modern Jive, I was Crew for Evolution Dance and took the beginner classes on Stage and the consolidation class in the Richmond Room.
It was very clear to me that Stacey had a natural flair for dance and very soon became part of the crew helping new dancers find their feet. Stacey then joined me on the stage as my Demo dancer which she loved and then went on to take the consolidation class herself.
Stacey loves teaching and went on to take her UK Federation of Dance Exams which she passed with flying colours.
When the time came for her to start her own Venue up Dance Infinity was moving away from the area and the Assembly Rooms became available then Jive Play was born. Sadly Stacey was forced to leave the Assembly Rooms through no fault of her own but now has the chance to teach in her new Venue.
If you are starting from scratch I can’t think of a better person to teach you to Modern Jive. Stacey takes into account age , ability and confidence.
Good luck Stacey with your new venture.
Paul. Justjive

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