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What is Modern Jive?

Modern Jive, also known as LeRoc and Ceroc, is the UK’s most popular social dance, simply because it’s easy to learn, suitable for adults of all ages, and can be danced to a wide range of music, even if you’re sure you have two left feet!

With influence from various other well known styles such as Ballroom Jive, Rock and Roll, Swing, Tango and more recently Blues, Modern Jive is a dance style in its own right that is continuously evolving through the years. Originally being a very bouncy style danced in a circular movement, it has now become much smoother and more gentle with the lady dancing along an imaginary ‘slot’.

Learning Modern Jive is a great way to keep fit, meet new people and have fun all whilst learning a new skill that you can use to impress your family and friends.

Who Am I?

Stacey Marley

Stacey Marley

I am a 39 year old mum of two who started dancing Modern Jive back in 2006 with Julian Hansford of Evolution Dance in Worthing. I fell in love with the dance and its social nature and quickly became a member of the crew team supporting new dancers. I continued this role with Colleen of Dance Infinity.

When Paul Witheyman set up JustJive Bognor Regis ten years ago, I joined his team and began to teach basic beginner classes. As time went on, I taught more advanced levels and after the birth of my second child I returned to teaching at both JustJive and Dance Infinity.

In January 2016, JivePlay took over at Worthing Assembly Halls and I assisted with the running of the business and became the primary teacher at the venue. I passed my Modern Jive Teaching Qualification with the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Dance Teachers in March 2016 and have since taught as a guest teacher at various other venues in the South of England. I have also taught ‘Icebreaker’ classes at birthday parties, wedding receptions, and for the Womens Institute (WI).

My primary focus is on teaching Modern Jive and introducing new people to the fun dance I fell in love with. I continue to assist with JivePlay in organising monthly freestyle events for Modern Jive dancers and aim to teach people to a standard they feel able to participate in these dances, and other freestyle events in the local area.

Weekly Classes


I currently teach weekly classes for JivePlay in East Worthing on a Tuesday evening. This is the ideal place for newer dancers to learn as we provide specific Beginners and Fundamentals Technique classes designed to give you a gentle introduction to the dance. We have a very skilled and friendly crew team who are there to provide a helping hand in the early days. Experienced dancers are also catered for within our Intermediate Classes and there is plenty of opportunity for freestyle dancing. Details of Tuesdays at JivePlay can be found here http://www.jiveplay.co.uk/learn-modern-jive-dance-worthing/

If Tuesdays are a difficult night for you, but you would like to learn Modern Jive or progress your dancing, I am able to offer regular or one off private lessons for individuals, couples or small groups upon request. Full details below

For details of Beginner Classes or other JivePlay events, please see http://www.jiveplay.co.uk/


What Else Can I Offer?

I am available to teach private lessons and small group workshops during the day or in the evening to fit around your daily commitments. These can be a great way to tackle an area of the dance you are struggling with or to speed up your learning on your own or as a group, or you can even learn in secret to surprise a loved one – I won’t give the surprise away!

If you have a birthday party, wedding reception or special event coming up and you’d like a fun way to get people onto the dancefloor, an ‘Icebreaker’ Modern Jive class can be just the ticket. With a simple routine delivered in a way that everyone can join in, your guests will quickly get to know each other while having a good time.

Do you need a Team Building exercise to bring your work colleagues together? I can offer a class that will get them socialising and working together in a fun and light-hearted way. Using dance related trust exercises as part of the class, this is the ideal way to build those working relationships whilst learning a life-long skill.


I First met Stacey when she came into the Assembly Rooms Worthing wanting to learn Modern Jive, I was Crew for Evolution Dance and took the beginner classes on Stage and the consolidation class in the Richmond Room.
It was very clear to me that Stacey had a natural flair for dance and very soon became part of the crew helping new dancers find their feet. Stacey then joined me on the stage as my Demo dancer which she loved and then went on to take the consolidation class herself.
Stacey loves teaching and went on to take her UK Federation of Dance Exams which she passed with flying colours.
When the time came for her to start her own Venue up Dance Infinity was moving away from the area and the Assembly Rooms became available then Jive Play was born. Sadly Stacey was forced to leave the Assembly Rooms through no fault of her own but now has the chance to teach in her new Venue.
If you are starting from scratch I can’t think of a better person to teach you to Modern Jive. Stacey takes into account age , ability and confidence.
Good luck Stacey with your new venture.
Paul. Justjive

Paul Witheyman, Owner, JustJive Bognor Regis

Stacey teaching is with a clear vision for its presentation with style and quality. She has a friendly manner and this is clear from the stage with her enthusiastic approach that she enjoys teaching. This effortlessly flows down from the stage and helps the dancers individually enjoy the sessions so much from her classes, they want more. She is aware at all times how the class is flowing and ready to give friendly advice, clarity and instructions if there are any difficult sections, making the end product, all the moves, connect with ease. After the class she is still ready to assist with any further clarifications on a one on one basis without a second thought (providing she not due back on stages lol). I enjoy seeing Stacey teach and the fun, while learning, the dancers have.

Colin Shaul – Owner LeRoc Surrey. 1995-present

Stacey is an amazing teacher who will teach you not only the first steps into modern jive world but also fall in love with a dancing.

From the very first class, I was hooked. The way Stacey presented the class, the way she explained the moves and built the routine together – literally in half an hour from zero you have an understanding of what you’re doing and you are fulfilled with an urge to learn more and dance like all those people who surrounded you when lights were dimmed and  freestyle went off.
Stacey is an incredibly passionate about teaching modern jive. That’s why learning jive with her was so easy.

She will say hello and hold your hand to start the journey. She will teach you to dance, she will make you laugh and enjoy every moment. She will make jokes while explaining the moves. She will be your perfect guide into the world of dancing. She will watch you and will fill you with confidence how to put all the moves into a beautiful dance.>/p>

I am lucky that I found dancing, I’m lucky that I have had the chance to learn from Stacey and I am truly happy that there is such a wonderful dance teacher, full of shining and radiating energy called Stacey!

Zanzoona Solo – Local Dancer

I was so nervous when I went to my first dance class. I had never danced before and didn’t know what to expect!!

Stacey made me feel at ease, her humour and kindness and her brilliant way of teaching dance was and is amazing.
Thank you for starting me on a dance journey that I hope will never stop.

Vanessa Taylor – Local Dancer

Contact Details

Stacey Marley

Mobile: 07861464738

Email: stacey@staceymodernjive.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/staceymodernjive

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